Welcome 2014 – Sharing Tips for Better Cheese Photography

In the lead up to the new year, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what there is to create in 2014. What “light” will be “drawn” onto the fabric of my year.

At the top of my list is sharing more of my creative journey into both cheese and photography, starting with a few things that sort of guide my approach to taking beautiful photos of cheese and other things.

For me, the first thing is being an observer of light: in my studio, in my world. I am a keen observer of the changing rays of the sun through the seasons, as well as what a good cloud cover can do to soften the light.

To take better photos of cheese, or anything, really: look at the quality of the light. Harsh shadows can be softened, shadows filled in.

Learning to observe and compare the quality of light at hand – along with learning techniques for controlling that light – has lead me not only to vastly improved photos, but also to a deeper awareness of the world around me.

Are you a light observer?