Unwrapping: Cheese Paper as Background | Cheese Photography 101

When I photograph cheese, I like to approach it as a story. There are interesting elements even before a cheese is unwrapped. In fact, shots of wrapped cheese are often my favorites in the series. You can tell a lot about a cheese by the care and attention to detail in packaging.

Capriole Cheese Trio in Wrappers

On my recent shoot of four cheeses from Capriole Goat Cheese in Greenville, Indiana, I was struck by the deliberate care and attention that the packaging team takes with each and every wheel… it impressed me so much, I made a little video about it. Just something quick and easy, but which gives you a little glimpse into the creative process I use when I’m in the studio.

At the end, you can see a slideshow of the final series. A silver and white reflector completely changes the shot when held at different angles.

Cheese Photography Tip: Embrace the Paper

It’s no secret, I love shooting on cheese paper of all sorts. The bright white papers reflect light pleasantly and the texture of crinkles in the paper is irresisible to add simple and elegant depth to the shot.

P.S. – I really do experience the unwrapping of each wheel I photograph with that same joy as when the lavender hits me. It’s like opening a present 🙂 I love each cheese and honor its unique and beautiful personality. Looking for great shots of YOUR special cheese? I’m here to make it shine. Photography Packages