The Power of Light – Using Bounce to Improve Cheese Photography

Cheese Photography Tip: Try this super simple bounce hack. Makers and mongers, you likely have everything you need to improve your cheese photography…just look to your shipping materials.

Here are three different photos I took of Georgia Gold from Nature’s Harmony Farm when it arrived earlier this week. I am so excited to be featuring cheeses from new and up and coming cheesemakers as I create materials for my upcoming “Cheese Photography 101 for Makers, Mongers & Bloggers” course.

As I go through the shoot, I’ll be sharing some top tips with readers. Hope you find some inspiration. Leave questions at the end – I want to be a catalyst for more beautiful, inspiring cheese photographs in the world 🙂

Shot Details: iPhone using Camera+ app, cropped, no filters. Shaded afternoon light on my east-facing back patio.

Georgia Gold - with no Reflector
You can see deep shadows on the first, a fine look if you want an air of mystery.

Georgia Gold With Reflector

The second uses a white reflective surface to bounce light back onto the cheese, removing some shadows.

You can see this reflective surface peeking in from the upper right corner.
Any white surface will do – so be creative as I was.

The final image shows how I achieved this – with a sheet of styrofoam from the shipping materials 🙂
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Georgia Gold - Reflector hack set up

Note the reflector is just a few inches from the cheese. Move it closer or further away to achieve different looks. You can also use:

  • professional reflector discs, available in a range of colors: white, silver, gold, black
    (black absorbs the light, deepening shadow. It’s yet another look)
  • white foamcore
  • aluminum foil covered cardboard

Watch this short video to learn more about how to use reflectors to control your light and improve your cheese photography!

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