Cheese Photography 101 Top Tip | Hard versus Soft Light & Diffusing Light

Here’s a short video I made about the different qualities of light and how they impact a photograph. Observing the variations that light at different times of day brings to a photograph – and implementing some simple techniques to refine that light – can vastly improve your final image.

This video covers hard and soft light. Hard light adds a lot of contrast and highlights, makes colors brighter and can create harsh shadows. Diffused light is soft and even, with fewer highlights and more subdued colors. Both are stylistic choices depending on the feel you’d like your image to have.

You can get started for little or no money by trying the technique using a white bedsheet, shower curtain or even a painters dropcloth or garden row cover fabric to diffuse the light. simply hang it in front of your window or light source to create soft light. You will also need to bounce light back onto your subject to alleviate shadows.

Try these simple techniques and see what a difference they make in your images!

Please leave questions and comments below. These are my first prototypes of an upcoming Cheese Photography 101 course. What do you want to know more about? What didn’t make sense? Thanks for your feedback!

Cheese Photography 101 | Top Tip – Hard v. Soft Light and Diffusing Light from Cheese Chick on Vimeo. Featured cheese – Ewelicious Blue from Bleating Heart Cheese

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