Cheese Photography 101 | Creativity Booster

If you’ve ever tried to capture kids, pets or sports, you know how challenging it is to get “The Shot” because there is motion and it’s a crapshoot.

One of the best things about shooting cheese is that it (generally) doesn’t move. Yes, there are drips and drizzles, even a toppling wedge here and there, but generally you can place the subject and take your time, being patient with yourself and the process.

Playing in the precision and trying different perspectives is one of the joys of still life photography. Here’s a short video I made about breaking out of the “shooting straight on” box. It’s a simple technique you can try whether you’re shooting on an iPhone, Point & Shoot or DSLR.

Try It: Use dramatic, late afternoon light for maximum wow factor and to see what a difference angle can make. Share your series with by tagging your images with #CheesePhotography101. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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