Basic Image Editing with Adobe Lightroom | Cheese Photography 101

Lightroom is my secret sauce to make my images shine. I’ve been using this powerful program for about 2 years after a kick-ass Creative Live class on Lightroom Workflow.

Lightroom allows me to quickly and easily manage, edit and share my images in all sorts of fun ways – from wall art prints to promotional items, slideshows, photo books and on and on.

It’s part of my recommended extras for Cheese Photography 101. Here’s a little video I made to show just how powerful a few keystrokes are in giving your image that special sizzle!

You can get a 30 day free trial here (Note: don’t start this trial until mid-September if you want to use it during the class!) If you like it, you can rent the latest version of Lightroom AND Photoshop for $9.99 a month or you can buy the software for $135. I am not a Lightroom affiliate, I just love the functionality and think you will too!

To dive deeper into this incredible program and make your photos shine, join me for the 6 week program: Cheese Photography 101 for Makers, Mongers & Bloggers I’ll be sharing my best tools and strategies to help you efficiently improve your image! Classes begin September 8th!

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