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Welcome! I’m Christine Hyatt – founder and creative director of Cheese Chick Productions – a boutique marketing agency. My creative team and I are committed to sharing stories of original food artisans through video, food photography, recipes and compelling copywriting.

Cheese Chick® started when I fell in love with cheese. Here is a little background.

I grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and graduated from Dickinson College with a degree in English. I’m a storyteller at heart, and I happen to have a knack for photography that has evolved along with the Cheese Chick story.

After college, I spent several years in Austin, Texas pursuing a screenwriting career and even had an agent in Los Angeles. In 1998, to pay the inevitable bills, I found myself working with cheese behind the orignal Central Market counter. Before long, my job turned into pure joy. And if I was clear on anything at that time, it was this: I didn’t want to make the move from Austin to LA.

So, with a move to LA out of the equation, I set my sights on cheese. Over time, as I became more acquainted with the growth of American cheese, I discovered that telling stories about different types of cheese and their makers was a lot like screenwriting – except that now, cheese was the main character.

Since the Central Market days, I’ve been busy living in the world of gourmet cheese by promoting it, selling it and launching creative endeavors, including Cheese Chick Chat and Cheese Chick TV. I’ve also worked hard to hone my skills during tenure as a trainer-merchandiser with Anco Fine Cheese and a Cheese Marketing and Education Specialist with DPI Northwest.

Like a great screenplay, my cheese journey has evolved in step with technology, beginning in the mid-90s with the dawn of the Internet to the online and social media opportunities available to all of us in the digital age. With today’s technology, my early vision of artistic expression is attainable. Instead of characters in a screenplay, I now focus on cheese 🙂 This is the part where I might say, “and the rest is history,” but in all truth, the rest is just beginning. First, there’s the world of American cheese. It’s exploding! I’m blessed to be a part of it.

I’m particularly inspired by the growing and vibrant community of talented cheesemakers throughout North America. In my “spare time,” I serve as Chairwoman of the American Cheese Society. In 2011, when I served as ACS President, I championed American Cheese Month– a grassroots celebration of homegrown cheese. Most recently, I worked on an in-depth series of video profiles for the Oregon Cheese Guild and was inducted into the La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers in August, 2010.

With 2013 underway, I’m turning my lens to the winners of the American Cheese Society’s “Best of Show” Award, in honor of the 30th Anniversary celebration. Never one to rest on my laurels, be on the lookout for our latest venture, Cheese University!

From a personal standpoint, I live the good life in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband and two young sons – who all happen to have a discerning taste for cheese. I savor this life filled with cheese, photography, technology and Cheese Chick Productions – all rolled up into a life of joy.

Let’s connect on Facebook and Twitter! I am looking forward to getting to know you…and your cheese.

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