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1950’s Era Cheeseball

The great Cheeseball experiment of 2014 continues as I work my way through a series of taste artifacts on Food Timeline’s Christmas Food list. The Fried Cheeseballs of 1899 were mediocre, but the concept could be updated to be quite delicious. I’m already scheming for…

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Cheeseballs – a Classic with a Modern Twist

A version of this homage to cheeseballs appeared in my monthly Oregon Wine Press Column and begins a week of posts dedicated to reveling the history of this oft-maligned Christmas tradition. ********* Cheese balls, those somewhat questionable, occasionally soggy, nut-encrusted blobs appearing on holiday buffets…

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Holiday Cheese Ball with Goat Cheese & Bacon

Holiday Cheese Ball with Goat Cheese & Bacon An updated twist on a holiday classic made with quality ingredients yields delicious results. This crowd-pleasing recipe is even tastier the second day when the flavors have had a chance to meld. Roll ’em smaller for festive…

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December e-news and Holiday Savings – 25% Off Cheese Portrait Session

Your Cheese, More Beautiful #HoHoHoliday Promotion 2014 As I ponder the astounding amounts of incredible cheese waiting to be shared from Thanksgiving through New Year, it’s simply mind-boggling to consider how, just a decade ago, the delicious cheeses we’ve come to expect were difficult if…

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