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Improve Your Digital Workflow | Cheese Photography 101

With an edible product like cheese, you want people to “eat with their eyes first”. Social media provides a great platform to do just that. Even if you already know how to take great pictures of your cheese, without a system in place to plan,…

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Basic Image Editing with Adobe Lightroom | Cheese Photography 101

Lightroom is my secret sauce to make my images shine. I’ve been using this powerful program for about 2 years after a kick-ass Creative Live class on Lightroom Workflow. Lightroom allows me to quickly and easily manage, edit and share my images in all sorts…

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American Cheese Society Best of Show Winners & Photography Project

In 2013, I embarked on a challenge to photograph all American Cheese Society Best of Show winners through the years. Below is a master list of all Best of Show winners with links to additional photos and information about each cheese. 1987 & 1993 –…

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Best of Show 2014 – Anatomy of a Shoot

The cheese arrived in a nondescript, white Styrofoam container with little fanfare. The clandestine hand-off arranged in a chance meeting between sessions. “Would you like to do it?” Of course I would. “Do you have time?” I’ll make it – taking beautiful pictures of cheese…

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Prop 15 Challenge – Enhance Your Prop Collection | Cheese Photography 101

Competent photography is an essential for skill small businesses. For all but the largest companies, there is no budget to hire a professional for everyday shots but there are simple things you can do to improve your chances of getting a good image. One of…

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